(C)1995/1996 BitBoyz

Coding: Gerald Stap & Stephan Vinkenborg
Graphics: Stephan Vinkenborg
Playtesting: Marcel Delorme
Levelpack hosting: BaSoft BBS

Game details:
Number of players: 2 or 3

Genre: Action

System requirements:
Platform: MSX-2/MSX-2+ on 7 MHZ or MSX Turbo in R800 mode
DiskOS: DOS2.xx
Graphics:  Sunrise Graphics9000 (V9990)
Music: No Music
SoundFX: Sunrise Moonsound (OPL4)

RAM: 64kB

BattleBomber was intended as a Graphics9000 testing and discovery project. We wanted to see what the Graphics9000 hardware was capable of in P1 mode. To test this we developed a GFX9000 I/O lib for ASCII-C. The lib itself was written completely in asm with M80. The gamelogic was written in ASCII-C. Due to limitations of the ASCII-C linker resulting in very long linking times (over 30 min) we discontinued the work on the Music Replayer and released it as is.
Battle Bomber was one of the first games to be released for Graphics9000. Although the game lacks backround music people who played it seemed to like it.... a lot! It's strong point is that you can have fun with 3 players (2 on joystick, 1 on keyboard) an set almost the whole screen ablaze. We admit the game could use some improvements like extra levels, sceneries, and items. In 1996 there were extra levels available for download at BaSoft BBS. But only a handful of ppl took the time to download them. If you want a copy with disk-sticker you can buy the game from MSX-Club Hnostar ( As of January 1st 2005 BattleBomber is Freeware!



The BitBoyz logo

Game Start & Options

Battling each other with 2P.

Setting the world on fire!

Other scenery.